Heart to Heart Global Housing



N.Sunshow is our primary sponsor, friend and trusted colleague. N.Sunshow is a prominent Developer in Gifu, Japan whose company specializes in all areas of real estate, recruitment and advertisement management. It has a landscape and foundations operations department which covers thorough planning and excels the expectations of the client’s needs and satisfaction. We are grateful to be affiliated with them!

N.Sunshow is also associated in the integration for foreigners with legal documents inquiries and services making their lives a stress free experience upon arrival in Japan. These avenues that they have also guarantees consultation and continued legal advice for a new immigrant or expatriates that reside in Japan.

Mr Nishioka is a highly respected family man who is renowned for making his clients dream homes come true. He caters for each individual's needs according to their designs, budget and requirements right until completion and total handover to his valued customers. N. Sunshow takes personal care in providing first home buyers dream homes at affordable prices.

Luxury condominiums and residential homes are also popular both nationally and globally. This is
where Heart to Heart Global Housing is in resonance of sharing the same wants in keeping all our clientele's desired expectations fulfilled when making an investment or buying the home you have always dreamt of living in.

Mr Nishioka's philosophy is to live in gratitude for what he receives and to put his Spirit fully into every project he has chosen to do.

N.SUNSHOW株式会社は私達の主なスポンサーであり、友人であり、信頼のおける仲間でもあります。N.SUNSHOW株式会社は、岐阜県において、建築不動産に関するすべての分野を専門とする会社でありながら、多方面とのつながりをもち、その広がりは計りしれません。そして、すばらしいプランニングを行い、お客様のニーズや満足度を満たすための、すばらしい各事業部をもっています。私達Heart to Heart Global Housingは、彼らとの提携に感謝してます。



また一方では、高級コンドミニアムや高級住宅は、全国的、国際的にも人気があります。投資を行う時、夢見ていた家を買う時、すべてのお客様の期待に応え続けられるようにと考えるHeart to Heart Global Housingのモットーにお互いに共感しています。