Heart to Heart Global Housing


Manager / Architect

Kayoko Takahashi

The founder of Heart to Heart, is known for using these words, ”We are Citizens of the World”.....

After graduating from University with a degree in architecture, I worked as an architect, designing and providing various types of buildings in different places, such as schools, libraries, gymnasiums and condominiums for more than fifteen years.

Proceeding this, I opened my own architectural firm and constructed plans for homes, stores, factories, offices, etc. with selective clients tapering to their requirements. Each and every client has been provided with personal care and each establishment built; has manifested into the customers’ satisfaction.

Now, from “The Citizens of Japan” to “The Citizens of the World", we are a team that share the same aspiration who have integrated culturally and globally; and work towards helping people who wish to go abroad through our establishment at Heart to Heart Global Housing.

With the desire of improving myself and in making a better environment; I have always done my utmost in putting my heart first; through my work, has always led to the growth of the outcomes.

We at Heart to Heart Global Housing, wish to provide an affordable sanctuary for all in each and every country of the world. Currently we are operating in Japan, India, Canada and Australia.

Kayoko Takahashi

『The Citizens of the World』というのは、私達 Heart to Heart Global Housing の代表の言葉です。



今、ここにきて『The Citizens of Japan』から、『The Citizens of the World』へと、日本と海外の区別なく、多くの人たちに、自分たち日本人の殻に閉じこもることなく、海外へ出ていただくことをお手伝いするために、同じ志を持つStaffが集まり、Heart to Heart Global Housingを設立しました。


私達Heart to Heart Global Housingは、日本・インド・カナダ・オーストラリアなど世界各国に、心ある空間を提供したいと思います。