Heart to Heart Global Housing


Sales Director

Hiroyuki Kanae

The founder of Heart to Heart Global Housing, Clarissa Beg, often says, “ Let's spread Love throughout the world”… I thought of becoming of use to the world after our company became Heart to Heart Global Housing.

My first profession was working at an accounting firm, giving me essential experience in being a part of how money is moved in the world. Holding a license as a Real Estate Transaction Specialist has equipped me with broad knowledge and acquired skills, in the real estate fields. This, including my large network of respected business colleagues, has earned me the position as 'Sales Director', for our company.

I have also had the opportunity to work in Sales for various fields, domestically and internationally; throughout my professional career of more than 20 years. Having had the pleasure of working with Clarissa for more than five years, I feel honored to be a part of our team made up of supporters from all over the world. She has brought them to us, who believe in her idea that there are no country boundaries when working for one purpose.

Heart to Heart Global Housing was established in Australia, to introduce to the Japanese, excellent overseas real estate properties. When we turn our eyes overseas, the opportunities are infinite. Integrating Japan into other parts of the world through our work, has lead me to being extremely happy working with our wonderful staff members; assisting our customers with turning their focus overseas.

Heart to Heart Global Housing will help in the manifestation of your dream homes in Japan, Australia, Canada and India. We are also spreading our wings into other parts of the globe and look forward to working with you in the future!

Thank You
Hiroyuki Kanae

Heart to Heart Global Housingの代表、クラリッサ・ベッグは、「世界に愛を広げたい」とよく言います。
Heart to Heart Global Housingに出会い、私もなにか世の中の役に立てる事ができないかと思っていました。


Heart to Heart Global Housingは、海外の優れた不動産を、日本の方に紹介するために、オーストラリアに設立されました。海外に目を向ければ、我々ができることは、まだとてもたくさんあります。日本という小さな枠にとらわれることなく、世界に目を向ける新たなチャンスに、素晴らしいスタッフと一緒に挑戦できることを楽しみにしています。

日本、オーストラリア、カナダ、インド、その他において、Heart to Heart Global Housingが、あなたの夢の実現を手助けいたします。