Heart to Heart Global Housing


Managing Director 

Clarissa Beg

I have been living in my dream of unifying societies and cultures through anything that is special with value based practices to myself and the society that I live in.

Making my debut in the hospitality industry at the age of 13 gave me an introduction to the business world and opened my eyes to the operations of customer service and the importance of delivering finished products with the utmost respect and gratitude.

We care for our customers and aim to reach beyond their expectations when consulting with us at Heart to Heart Global Housing.

The Japanese society has been generous to me and has provided me with professions in the hospitality, education, entertainment and real estate related fields. I am grateful for these complimentary partners and supporters that I'm affiliated with; sharing the same goal of building stronger relationships in working together for the benefits of One and All.....

Heart to Heart Global Housing has a philosophy which personifies:

Together We Stand for Growth in Community, Spirit and Love.

Heart to Heart Global Housing will provide you with the home or investment of your choice and
guide you in selecting what is best for you and your future needs.

Clarissa Beg



私達Heart to Heart Global Housingではお客様への心遣いを大事にし、お客様の期待以上にお応えすることを目指しています。


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