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I, Yoko Watanabe am the Acting Manager of Yoga Saraswati in Nagoya City, Japan. I have been a physical yoga teacher for the past 20 years and have explored many types of yoga such as Hatha, Kundalini, Karma, Jaana, Bhakti ..... and have incorporated some aspects of them into my classes; which has my own original techniques, taught from my intuitive self; aiming to unify the physical self to the spiritual.

My grandmother has had a very strong spiritual influence on me since I was young and she still influences me today; in the work that I do.

The wisdom of yoga has become a part of my everyday life and since practicing Sahaj Marg meditation of the heart, I've naturally been able to express this within (spiritually) and without (physically); through my workshops in Japan, Bali, Hawaii and soon to explore - India. The students who come to learn yoga and the members practicing meditation are stimulating each other and growing together.

Our yoga teachers are unique in character and are specialised in the various types of yoga/musical instruments that they play/songs that they sing and different types of meditation that they practice. This can be felt from the very depths of their souls. We at Yoga Saraswati, ACN & Heart to Heart, share the same space respective of each other, creating better relationships and environments for all.

Yoga Saraswati is located in Takaoka, Nagoya and is owned by Mr Hiroyuki Kanae. Ms Clarissa Beg, the founder of Heart to Heart Global Housing and he decided to create our own space interlocking 3 groups sharing with all our students, colleagues, clients and whomever had the same goal; to be a reflection of "Oneness", into the community that we serve.

This very special space was designed and created through the vision that we would all grow in peace, love and harmony as a home away from home.

Yoko Watanabe

日本、名古屋市のYoga Saraswatiのマネージャー渡邉容子です。20年に渡り、ヨガの先生として多くのヨガを研究してきました。ハタ、クンダリーニ、カルマ、ジャーナやバクティー…そしてそれぞれの特徴を自分のクラスに組み込んできました。自分の心と体を統一するのを目的とし、特別なテクニックと直感でクラスを教えてきました。



Yoga Saraswatiの先生達は皆、特別なヨガ/楽器/歌、そして様々な瞑想を専門としています。まさにこのことは、彼らの心の底から感じることができます。私たち、Yoga Saraswati、ACNと Heart to Heartは同じ空間を共有し、お互いによりよい関係と環境を皆のために作り続けています。

Yoga Saraswatiは名古屋の高岳に位置し、金江宏幸さんがオーナーです。Heart to Heart Global Housing のオーナーのクラリッサ・ベッグさんと彼が3つのグループをまとめ、生徒、同僚、顧客、そして同じ目的を持つ者たちと、コミュニティー内での調和の鏡となるよう、共有できる空間を作り上げることにしたのです。


渡邉 容子

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