Heart to Heart Global Housing



Jostna has received us at Heart to Heart with open arms in Chennai and put us on the map of India!
We have been working with John and Radhika with full zest and they have sponsored us and guided us through all the intricacies with their company which has been linked with Japan in the past 20 years.

Jostna Ryokogaisha Pvt. Ltd has their offices in Anna Nagar, Chennai, India and Ginza, Tokyo, Japan Their dedicated services to the Japanese community extends to Tourism, Language translations, Cultural Promotions and most of all being a Help desk which has been an important window to Japan. They are very appreciated by the Japanese Embassy and their Community both in India and Japan.

We at Heart to Heart Global Housing are honoured to be partners with them. A heartfelt thank you to their support and knowledge with business development in India!

ジョツナ旅行会社は、チェンナイで両手を広げてHeart to Heart Global Housingを歓迎し、インドに私達を招いてくれました。私達は、あふれる熱意をもって、ジョンさんとラディカさんと共に仕事をしてきました。また、過去20年間日本との関係を持つ彼らの会社と共に、私達の指導をしながら、色々な状況を通り抜け、私達を導いてくれました。


私達Heart to Heart Global Housingは、彼らとパートナーであることを大変に光栄に感じています。インドでの事業開発の彼らの知識とサポートに心から感謝しています。